Eight law blogs everyone should read

The UK is home to some superb barristers and lawyers, and many choose to share their ideas and insights in the form of a blog. If you’re interested in the British legal system or you would just like to do some more reading around the law, it’s definitely worth visiting the following eight blogs.

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1. Jack of Kent

There can be no list of must-read law blogs from the UK without mentioning Jack of Kent. ‘Jack’ is in fact David Allen Green, a lawyer and legal writer who has actually had a hand in some extremely famous cases including defending Simon Singh in the libel case brought by the British Chiropractic Association, as well as uncovering ‘David Rose’ the false identity of journalist Johann Hari. The blog covers a range of legal issues and cases, often providing insight into the details of high profile cases.

2. George Ide

For straightforward, well-written UK legal news, George Ide’s blog provides fascinating articles looking into a huge variety of legal matters from commercial property law and inheritance tax to issues surrounding personal injury cases. This is a brilliant blog to read if you’re interested in day-to-day legal goings on, created by a team of professional lawyers.

3. Law and Lawyers

For those who are keen on cases and issues in criminal law, it is well worth reading the work on Law and Lawyers, written by Obiter J. While it covers more than pure criminal law, there is definitely an emphasis surrounding criminal justice and the legal system. The blog is excellent in its ability to write skilfully on very complicated legal issues, making them clear even to those with relatively little understanding of modern law.

4. UK Human Rights Blog

If you’re looking for a great resource for issues surrounding human rights, try out the simply-named UK Human Rights Blog. Focusing in judicial review and ideas within administrative law, it is interesting to see the legal take on issues where the law and politics meet. You might expect the blog to focus entirely on articles promoting and supporting the Human Rights Act, but it actually does a good job presenting arguments from all sides.

5. Lawyer Watch

Written by UCL academic Professor Richard Moorhead, Lawyer Watch takes on another interesting topic in law: ethics. The blog offers its take on complex ethical matters within the legal profession as well as by looking at the specifics of a range of cases. The writing is smart and informed but manages to remain engaging to both the layman and the expert.

6. Pink Tape

Pink Tape is an unusual blog as it jumps between insights into the specifics of family law, drawn from the writer’s experience of specific cases, while also delving humorous issues surrounding the expectations of lawyers. This is a highly informed blog written by a skilled barrister who truly understands the topics of family law. Whether you’re interested in these sorts of cases or this is an area of law that you are interested in studying, Pink Tape is well worth a read.

7. A view from the North

While many of these blogs have been written from the perspective of law and lawyers in the south of the England, it is important to note that one of the most interested and informative bloggers is based in Manchester. A view from the North takes a specific look into the criminal justice system, specifically pointing out the problems that are beginning to creep into the way that the system operates. It is always an interesting read.

8. Nigel Pascoe

Another one for those with an interest in the criminal court is the blog of QC Nigel Pascoe. Reasoned and intelligent, the blog focuses on Pascoe’s opinions surrounding issues across criminal law. This means that it is thought-provoking whether you are simply reading for leisure or you are a lawyer with your own opinions on the subject.

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